Titanium fittings

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Dimension Standard ASME B16.9, ASTM B363, DIN 17861
Dimension Range DN15—DN800
Quality Control X-ray test and Dye penetrant test
Processing technique Cold-rolled, Weld, Weld-Cold-Rolled, Fasten and Press, ButtWeld or Forged
Surface status Painted, Sandblasting
Advantage Completed mold, Methods test one by one
Other Special Design Available

Titanium Fittings are available with us in different sizes, length, forms and types in accordance with the divergent demands of the clients. These titanium fittings are known for their wonderful features like specific design, corrosion & abrasion resistance and durable finishes.


Titanium fittings serve as connectors for tubes and pipes, mainly applied to Electron, Chemical industry, Mechanical equipments, Galvanizing apparatus, Environmental protection, Medical, Precision processing industry and so on.

Product Forms 

45° Titanium Elbows

90° Titanium Elbows

180° Titanium Returns

Titanium Equal Tees (Titanium straight tees)

Titanium Reducing Tees

Titanium Concentric Reducers

Titanium Eccentric Reducers

Titanium Lap Joint Stub Ends

Titanium Reducers

Titanium Couplings

Titanium Bushings

Titanium Caps

Titanium Pipe Nipples

Titanium Pipe Plugs

Remarks Other materials and drawings are available.

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