TigMetal is a leading supplier of refractory metal materials from titanium, nickel, molybdenum, zirconium, tantalum and niobium, boasts abundant industrial production and latest scientific technology. At TigMetal, we always regard developing and manufacturing products of first-class quality and industry-leading functions as our top priority. Over 10 years of experience has equipped us with outstanding advantages in melting, forging, heat treatment, rolling and mechanical processing.

We guarantee deliveries of metallurgical material according all available standards, e.g. DIN, ASTM, ASME, ISO, EN, GOST, NFA, API, BS, etc. Our company offers consulting service based on our deep knowledge of the quality and market prices of all the metallurgical goods and materials to help you improve project management

Our efficient team with advanced management experience promises to serve you with good quality, fast delivery, fair prices and unparalleled service, and offer free technical advice services as well. Our policies and decisions are designed to create long-term competitiveness and mutual success both of our customers and our own company.

Quality Assurance System implemented at TigMetal covers all production stages right from raw materials, cold working, heat treatment till final products ready for dispatch. The elements of the Quality Assurance System correspond to the requirements of National and International codes as well as customers’ own Quality Assurance requirements. Our quality policy mandates that Manufacturing Process Control Documents and quality plans accompany every operation within every work order.
We are looking forward to cooperation based on mutual trust.